From Shelter to Regenration: Slum Upgrading and Housing Policies in the Islamic Republic of Iran 2014


From Shelter to Regeneration: Slum Upgrading and Housing Policies in Islamic Republic of Iran Pooya Alaedini and Farzin Fardanesh Published and distributed by Urban Development and Revitalisation Organisation PO Box: 19395-4339, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran First Published: 2014 ISBN: 978-964-8921-09-0 Price: US$79.95 Disclaimer: The authors are responsible for the choice and presentation of the facts contained in this publication. Opinions expressed are not necessarily reflective of any official Government position. Designations employed do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city, authority, or boundary delimitation. Reproduction of the text is Read More …

Slum Upgrading Index (SUI) 2015 – Dr. Mozaffar Sarrafi


 1. Presented by: Mozaffar Sarrafi, PhD. Alireza Mohammadi & Nasibeh Hashemi Iranian Urban Development & Revitalization Corporation In the Name of God 3rd Meeting of “RSUWG” 29 Nov – 1 Dec 2015, Tehran Slum Upgrading Index ( SUI ) 2. On Slum Upgrading Index: 1. Urban poverty: A global & Asian challenge 2. The necessity to upgrade slums 3. Our understanding of slum upgrading 4. Fields of intervention for slum upgrading 5. Review of experienced global and local indices 6. Contextualizing “CPI” for slum upgrading evaluation 7. Conclusion: “SUI” components & composition

Achievements of BHRC in Urban Resiliency 2015 – Dr. Ghazal Raheb


Achievements of BHRC in urban resiliency Ghazal Raheb Head of Architecture and Urban Planning Institute, BHRC Mahta Mirmoghtadaee Head of Theoretical Studies in Architecture and Urban Planning Department, BHRC 2. Definition As the“city”is considered a dynamic system, the ability of this system to return to stable equilibrium point after disruption is “RESILIENCY”. 3. Environmental management and risk reduction Two determining factors threatening Contemporary human settlements are: Deterioration of environment , Natural disasters Deterioration of environment increases the adverse impacts of natural disaster. Current human life style has put more people and structures under risk and more pressure on environment. Reducing Read More …